all facets of procurement

Procurement Network was specifically created to support development organizations in their procurement management.

Our clients are UN agencies, MDBs, NGOs, IGOs, PIUs, governmental and public institutions. 

Our support covers all facets of procurement, irrespective of size and nature. We will help your team plan, manage and successfully complete all procurement tasks.   


online and offline

Training is important to understand the very logic of procurement profession and to organize face-to-face conversations with our procurement experts.


We strive to accommodate all our clients' specific needs. Online and offline training sessions, webinars and Q&As,  interactive sessions and podcasts are some of the training tools we use. 


We are ready and equipped to train your procurement staff.


specific procurement reviews

Audit is the field of expertise we are very passionate about. Who can audit procurement better than experts with decades of procurement experience? We are those experts.

Audit is a perfect opportunity to review your spend management and identify gaps you would hardly notice in everyday rush.    


proud to help

Every expert within Procurement Network must complete specific amount of pro bono consultations on annual basis. This way we show gratitude and respect towards our partners, clients and colleagues. 


Your organization will receive top-notch support even if you didn't budget any amount for it.