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The Worst Value for Money

Updated: May 10, 2020

Recently Apple introduced a product that can be easily qualified as the worst value for money. Yes, we speak about the wheels for desktop computer, as Apple describes it “stainless steel and rubber wheels make it easy to move your Mac Pro around”. One would think these wheels could be given for free with any Mac Pro. But Apple decided to sell them separately for $699.

Basically, with the same amount you may decide to buy a brand new iPhone or iPad. If you desperately need wheels for your desktop computer (imagine you are that eccentric), you can even order them custom-made from any metal master. They would hardly cost more than $100. And if you treat the wheels for your desktop computer as part of your vanity accessories set, you can order them from silver. Even in this case they will hardly go beyond $500. Your initials on it - plus $50.

But let’s go back to analyzing the value and understanding why these wheels are the worst value for money. It’s easy if you brainstorm about the need, functionality and cost.

If you need to move your computer, or take it with you to places, you normally buy a laptop computer instead of a desktop. In any case, you’ll hardly move your desktop computer the way you move your laptop. More, if you decide to move it, you might need to move the entire “family” of products together with your desktop, your screen, your UPS, etc. (no wheels for these?). Eventually, if you really decide to move it, you can simply take it with your hands and place it somewhere else.

How frequent would you move your desktop? Once in a month? Year?

One of the most ironic features of this product, or rather absence of it, is the fact that these $699 wheels do not have locks. This means if your floor has a slight curve, you risk to bump your desktop to walls, unless you hold it. But let’s hope Apple will soon produce additional locks for these wheels for only $299.

So, to summarize. Apple produced wheels that are hardly needed, don’t have locks and cost $699. Whatever you procure after these wheels will look like the best value for money and a great investment. Even Apple Watch, which does everything your phone already does.

Watch the wheels‘ unboxing here and possible usage ideas here.

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