Neutral Professionalism

Impartial and professional review of tendering, evaluation, contract award and contract management practices in Multilateral Development Banks, UN agencies, Governments, International Organizations and NGOs. Expert analysis of procurement practices and conflict resolution.

Procurement Ombudsman is an independent body consisting of procurement professionals from different countries. Unquestioned integrity and expertise are our trademarks.

When You Need To Apply To Procurement Ombudsman


Any conflict, dispute or question about fairness and integrity of a tendering process.  Unequal treatment of vendors, provision of partial information, lack of transparency and limiting markets. Controversial technical specifications, questionable TORs and debatable bills of quantities.

Evaluation and Contract Award

Expert review based on applicable laws, rules, regulations and bidding documents. Unfair evaluation practices and  incorrect contract award. Prejudiced and discriminatory approach to vendors, incomplete or inadequate explanation, doubtful award practice.  

Contract Management

Ongoing contracts, implementation progress, delivery of goods, completion of works and provision of services. Additional tasks imposed by purchasers, held payments, additional penalties and contract condition changes after award.

Who Normally Applies to Procurement Ombudsman

Vendors of:

Development Banks

Procurement conducted for the World Bank projects, African Development Bank projects, Asian Development Bank projects or other Multilateral Development Banks and financing institutions. All aspects of procurement and contract management. Dispute resolution and provision of professional opinion on conflict cases.


UN Agencies

Tendering, procurement and contract management conducted by any UN agency in country offices or headquarters. Thorough review of procurement of goods, works and services carried out by UN agencies, commissions or funds. Evaluation of violation of principles and rules of transparency, integrity, openness and fairness. 


Governments, International Organizations and NGOs

Public procurement in any country and procurement conducted by major International Organizations, NGOs and funds.

How It Works

The Procurement Ombudsman does not report to any government, organization, company or any other third party. The Procurement Ombudsman reviews applications, complaints, concerns or questions  and provides professional opinion. The Procurement Ombudsman engages in dispute resolution, if asked by the Applicant. Once the case is discussed, the team of the Procurement Ombudsman votes before expressing any opinion to the Applicant. The Procurement Ombudsman justifies its decisions and opinions and explains the reasons behind those.

The Procurement Ombudsman accepts applications for final consideration once all requested documents are provided and fee is paid by the Applicant. The application fee is US$ 2,500 or 1% of the case in question, whichever is greater. In practice, no application remains unanswered, even if the Applicant is not in a position to pay the fee. Once the application is submitted, the Procurement Ombudsman will contact the Applicant for any necessary additional information to proceed with the case.

By applying to the Procurement Ombudsman you save time and money. Your application triggers answers and solutions before any legal measure is taken. The team of the Procurement Ombudsman consists of procurement professionals who have decades of work experience with Multilateral Development Banks, UN agencies, governments, International Organizations and NGOs. Opinion provided by the Procurement Ombudsman is a solid argument and a ground for further actions, such as applying to court, requesting compensation and resolving a conflict. 

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